Sweetwater Social

I dropped off my bicycle to have the chain fixed and began to walk instead. The air again crisp and spring-like, the last Sunday in February is another surprise in winter. The groundhog seems to have been correct, winter is waning. I walk across the Williamsburg bridge, elated to not be taking a train.

Still sleepy just after open the energy inside is potential rather than kinetic. Sweetwater Social is the perfect fusion of dive bar and stellar cocktails. The place feels like a revamped basement (because it is) complete with foosball, pac-man, and a photo booth. The back bar is complete – I spot several Del Maguey mezcals, clase azul tequilas, chartreuse, and other items indicating cocktails have a backbone of quality in ingenuity. The shelving is simple metal and glass, the bar top wood with boxes built to hold the house made syrups and delicately prepared garnishes.

I know what I want to drink, but I stare at the menu vacillating between the Avocado Daisy and several others that feature sherry or chili. I stick to my original, watching carefully for what the avocado looks like as an ingredient – it is a thin puree and gives the drink texture rather than any noticeable avocado flavor. It is well balanced, refreshing, and garnished with a rim of Black Sea salt and a carefully skewered thinly sliced cucumber. The liquid is on a big rock.

Elizabeth arrives; we begin a recap of our night before – our boss’s wedding, my guest management stint on the upper west side. She receives a drink with fig, pineapple rum and vermouth, served up. Her’s is equally refreshing in a slightly sweeter way, like a refined dessert.

Though we want to explore more of the drinks, the kinetic energy of the weather outside draws us to walk in search of another new spot. Sweetwater is good for groups – we will return with a crew for the drinks and the games.

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